7 Causes Of Fresh Graduate Difficult To Find Job

Graduating from college does not mean the struggle is over. You still have to fight again to get a job, and this is even more challenging than the struggle to graduate from college and you also quickly want to get Jobs Near Me . For fresh graduates can be fairly difficult to get a job.

If you are one of them, consider the following seven reasons why fresh graduates find it difficult to get a job:

1. Ignoring Qualifications

Many fresh graduates fail to get jobs because they underestimate the requirements and simply ignore applying for all vacancies they find without adjusting to what is needed. If your experience is still zero and you are applying to a company that requires at least 3 years experience, or you are a Civil Engineering graduate but apply to a job that asks for candidates from the Public Relations department, of course, your application will go straight to the trash.

2. Less Experience

Indeed, there are quite a lot of companies that accept fresh graduate employees, but the numbers are outnumbered by the number of college graduates each year. The lack of experience causes fresh graduates to ‘lose’ in labour market competition.

3. No Added Value

Job competition is always very tight. Not to mention if you are applying to a profession that is quite popular where you have to compete not only with your fellow fresh graduates but also with other candidates who are more experienced or higher educated than you.

If you don’t have added value that can make you stand out from other candidates, your CV will not be glimpsed by a company that may receive hundreds of applications every day.

4. Too Selective

Too “junk” and sending applications to hundreds of vacancies is not effective, but too picky is not good. How can you find a career that is right for you, if you have never even tried?

5. Less Network

Because just graduated, usually fresh graduates do not have a network as wide as people who already work, and rarely does anyone wants to start because they think networking is only for office workers. Even without networking, you have less chance to get job vacancies because there are not enough sources.

6. Less Confidence

Many fresh graduates are still shy or insecure when dealing with interviewers in the interview room, even though they have the expertise and talent that can be considered by the company. This could potentially make your prospective boss feel and think twice about hiring you.

7. Below-Average Values

Although most companies do not ask for a GPA as a requirement, this factor can still be your determinant for being accepted or rejected at the company if your GPA is really below average. The company will be wondering, what’s wrong with you to get such a low GPA.

Even though finding a job is difficult for fresh graduates, if they have enough will and ability to be able to get a job soon. Pay attention to the skills you have with the job to be applied for.

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