Car Drivers Must Know These 3 Types Of Car Wipers

Getting to know the type of car wiper is important to know which type of wiper is in your car. Because of the different types, the advantages, disadvantages, and treatment of the wiper are different. As a car owner, maybe you already know what a car wiper functions. Yes, the wiper is indeed in charge of sweeping away the foam of water that lands on the windshield for example when it rains. Wipers are usually placed in the windshield or rear windshield. On the other hand, if your car has minor damages which cause its appearance to look dull, then perhaps you should restore its beauty at the auto detailing orlando near Orlando, FL.

However, you already know there are several types of car wipers that are generally used by automotive manufacturers. Here we will explain the three types of car wipers that are often used by car owners:

1. Standard Wiper Blade

This wiper consists of a frame that is usually made of iron, and the blade alias is made of rubber. The weakness of this type of wiper is that the frame or part of the frame is easily corroded. When corrosion has hit, this will affect the level of flexibility of the rubber.

2. Frameless Wiper Blade

As the name implies, this is a type of car wiper without a frame. Although it looks more modern, this type of wiper has the weakness of its clean power to sweep water on the glass that is less than perfect.

3. Graphite Coating Wiper Blade

This type of car wiper is usually used on windshields that have used water repellant technology. By using this type of car wiper, it is expected that the water repellant coating on the glass will not be damaged. However, due to its unique material, you can expect that this type of wiper could be more expensive compared to the other types. However, if it’s wiper which won’t damage the water repellant coating on your car’s windshield at all, then it should worth the money you may spend to buy it.

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