5 Healthier Cheatmeals Choices

To get the desired body shape, controlling calorie intake is an important thing to do. Planning Cheatmeals helps us to control the intake of calories that enter the body. For those who are still confused about what cheatmeals are good without damaging our diet, can check these 5 recommendations, guys!

Vegan Burger

The vegan burger is the right cheatmeal choice. Beef patty which is replaced with potatoes, mushrooms, or chickpeas with a variety of spices blend will still taste tasty. Wrapped in two layers of the whole wheat bun, guaranteed to remain full. Now many restaurants offer this option.

Frozen Yogurt

For sweet tooth owners who can’t escape dessert, frozen yoghurt can replace ice cream craving, but with lower-calorie and sugar levels. Unlike ice cream which is made from processed creams that are high in fat, frozen yoghurt is enriched with probiotics that are believed to be good for the digestive system. In order and nutritious, choose fresh fruits as the topping.


Nigiri is a type of sushi that is more ‘clean’ because the ingredients are only raw fish on rice. If you crave eating sushi rolls, avoid those containing tempura, processed seafood (such as crabstick), and which use lots of mayonnaise.

Air-Fryer French Fries

Generally, French fries are seasoned with a lot of salt or even seasoning synthesis. A healthier alternative is Air-Fryer French Fries which is of course ‘fried’ without oil. No need to worry, the taste is still the same as the real French fries.

Fayrouz Fine Soda

Who likes soft drinks? It’s refreshing, but the guilt after drinking it is also great. Fortunately, there is now Fayrouz Fine Soda which is no less refreshing! Made from real fruit juice and available in pear and pineapple flavours, Fayrouz does not use artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The soda is also smoother so it is more comfortable in the throat. It will quench your thirst without leaving the guilt.

So, those are some recommendations that you can apply to help control the intake of calories that enter the body. Choose a healthy way for your body, being healthy is the first thing from the others.