Tips On Designing An Ideal Bathroom

The design of the bathroom or bathroom remodeling must be well planned. The initial stage is to prepare the interior of the bathroom and the layout of the room according to the spacious conditions of your bathroom. Before that, we will explain the type of bathroom.

– Wet bathroom

This type is a type of bathroom that consists of a water bath and a toilet that is fused. It is the most common bathroom and there must be a minimalist home. Usually, this room is used for cleaning the body, bathing, and defecating. Just as the name suggests, this room is always wet every day because it is always exposed to splashes of water.

– Dry bathroom

Usually, this bathroom consists of a shower area and toilet. Between the two are bound by cloth or curtains, glass or walls. This is so that the wet shower room will not spread throughout the room because there is already a barrier between the shower room and the toilet and sink to keep it dry. For now, there is a bathroom that uses a bathtub to keep the area completely dry. Usually, bathtubs have showers but are limited by curtains and can keep other areas in the bathroom dry.

If you intend to have a bathroom that can be used for bathing, prepare the money to buy a bathtub and place it in your bathroom space. Also, make sure your bathroom room has enough area to put the bathtub. Usually, someone who is too comfortable in the bathtub will spend time reading. To avoid wet books from splashing water from the shower, you can anticipate it by placing a desk drawer near the bathtub to put the book after reading.

Laying the layout of the bathroom must be as fragile as possible, keep the bathroom clean to stay comfortable to use. And for added convenience, you can choose bright paint colors or match your favorite colors. The white blend between the wall and the floor makes the room look very bright and will be more comfortable.