These Are 5 Simple Tips To Make You Look Pretty On Photos


Do you know if everyone can look beautiful when in a photo? Without having to use an expensive camera, mostly edited, moreover, you have to be willing, to be honest, everyone can still look beautiful while you know the tips and tricks. Well, this time we want to let you know 5 simple tips so you can look beautiful when photographed in various situations and conditions that you may experience in the future. Apart from that, you may call the best photo booth rental san diego, ca if you need photo booths for your events and parties.

Here are the tips for you:

1. Thin makeup

The context is that you no longer come to your place but keep in mind that thin makeup is the easiest weapon so you look beautiful when in the photo. You can try thin lipstick with calm colors plus simple makeup. Trust me, the picture will look natural.

2. Avoid eye contact directly to the camera

This method has always been successfully tried by anyone, whether intentionally or even candid intentions. With no eye contact to the camera and being photographed looking sideways, it makes you look pretty natural.

3. Find the best angle

Girls know their best angle when they are photographed. Now, remember where your best angle is. Always try this method when photographed so the results will look perfect.

4. Elegant pose

Like what? Okay, this pose is really easy, girls. You simply stand up straight, relax, and chin parallel to the direction of the camera. This is a standard girl pose to look elegant in a photo.

5. Behind the camera

According to the author of the book “Face This”, Shelley GoogleStein, you can look perfect in photos with your back to the camera. First, you need to make your shoulders straight and turn them towards the camera. That way you can highlight your own waist so you will look slimmer and your legs look longer.

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