These Are Interesting Facts About Drinking Wine On A Plane

Do you know? It turns out that a glass of wine on the plane has the same effect as two to three glasses of wine on the mainland. This means that the effects of alcohol can feel stronger as well as faster. This is due to the low level of oxygen in the bloodstream. It’s closely related to air pressure is low at altitude, even conditions like this can cause hypoxia. The term used to describe the dizziness that arises due to the decrease in the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. So remember not to be hungry with eyes first by ordering glasses of wine to flight attendants or stewards. Don’t go halfway through, but you’re already drunk! Aside from that, if you want to know more about wine, perhaps you should check out the blog of Ben Sodenberg.

In addition, even though you don’t need to pay extra for this one alcoholic drink, it doesn’t mean you can order it excessively. It is undeniable, enjoying flight moments accompanied by an addictive feeling from a glass of wine to a pleasant and relaxing entertainment. However, don’t forget, if consumed too fast in large quantities the impact is not soothing, but embarrassing! Do not let the other passengers on the plane even be disrupted due to your condition being drunk. Pay attention to the duration and number of glasses of wine you drink. The benchmark returns to the duration of time. Remember the effect of a glass of alcohol reaches a maximum of about an hour after consumption. Try calculating the ideal number of glasses based on the duration of the flight. It’s time to test your math skills.

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