These Are Reasons Why Your Crush Doesn’t Want To Reply Your Chat Messages

No wonder women are lazy to reply to your chat, because of you already stale at the beginning of your chat with her. Do you know what caused you to become stale? The initial chat that you send to women is stale questions that are lazy to answer women, starting from “What are you doing?” Or “Have you eaten yet?” Yes / no question or rhetorical questions you should avoid. You should have sent her the first message with something that made her curious to reply, and you must learn how to text a girl well.

He is not interested in you

If from the beginning she was not interested in you, naturally she didn’t reply to your chat. Maybe she also has another crush that is cooler than you and so far you are only considered as his best friend. You have entered into the friendzone trap.

Try to find out what makes her not interested in you with self-evaluation and improve and continue to improve your personality, the way you interact with women and how you can write text messages that make her interested and curious.

Make yourself even cooler by having a wide social and social life and making friends with anyone so you can be more flexible when you have to interact with women.

 You are too fastidious

You haven’t become anything for her so don’t be too fussy by always arranging this and that, forbidding this or that or keep asking about your busy schedule.

A woman will think you have no other busyness because you keep asking about her busyness and she is also lazy to reply because you set it too much.

Maybe your intention to continue sending her messages because you want to find out her interest in you, and by the way, if she often and quickly replies to your chat, a sign she is interested in you, but you should not be selfish.

Women also have their own activities, not only reply to chat from you. If all this time you have only been waiting and keep hoping for a chat reply from her, the sign is that you are not productive and are just wasting your time waiting for her. When it happens you must move on.

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